As a festival, we could not operate without the assistance of volunteer Stewards. We do not want to impose a whole set of rules and regulations, and trust our helpers to do their best at all times, however, there must be some clear guidelines to ensure the safe running of the festival for customers, volunteers and guests alike as well as the venues, their owners and the local community.

These ‘Rules & Regulations’ are as follows:

Whilst we do our best to accommodate your preferences with regards to Concert and Song/Music sessions, we cannot guarantee that your duties will not clash at some point. Please remember, that although you are a voluntees you do have the privilege of a full weekend ticket in return for your agreed Stewarding.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for your support.

All stewarding enquiries to:
Bedworth Folk Festival (Stewards)
Sixth Lock Cottage, Holly Lane, Atherstone CV9 2SL

Tel: 01827 711514 or Mob: 07935 382232