May 12

Annual Daft Price ticket offer

If you are a regular supporter of the Festival and on our mailing list you will be receiving the annual “Daft Price” ticket offer though the post in the next few weeks – this offer only lasts to the end of July, so act quickly to save yourself a few quid!

May 12

On-line ticket booking now operative

We are pleased to announce that we have now set up the on-line booking system for 2015 – this works securely through PayPal, you don’t have to have a paypay account as you can pay via a Credit or Debit card.
If you prefer you can complete and download a personalised booking form and send a cheque via the postal system.

May 11

Festival Fund Raiser at Bedworth Rugger Club – 27th May (Last one before summer break)


May 07

Initial Outline Guest List Announced

See below for latest Guest List Information

* Alan Stocks (Click for More Info)
* Alhambra (Click for More Info)
* Bill Bates (Click for More Info)
* Brian Phillips (Click for More Info)
* Chris Tobin (Click for More Info)
* Close Quarters (half of Quartz) (Click for More Info)
* Coventry Singer Songwriters (Click for More Info)
* Dave & Julia Taylor (Click for More Info)
* Dave Fry (Click for More Info)
* Dave Webb (Click for More Info)
* Dragonhead (Click for More Info)
* Duncan Mc Farlane & Anne Brivonese (Click for More Info)
* Geoff Higginbottom (Click for More Info)
* Geoff Veasey (Click for More Info)
* Graeme Knights (Click for More Info)
* Gren Morris & Sam Stephens (Click for More Info)
* Hilary Ward (Click for More Info)
* John Kearney (Click for More Info)
* John Morris (Click for More Info)
* John Richards (Click for More Info)
* Jon Harrington (Click for More Info)
* Keith Donnelly (Click for More Info)
* Kim Lowings and the Greenwood (Click for More Info)
* Kitty Vernon & Derek Burgess (Click for More Info)
* Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner (Click for More Info)
* Malc Gurnham & Gill Gilsenan (Click for More Info)
* Maria Barham & Carole Palmer (Click for More Info)
* Miriam (Erasmus) Backhouse (Click for More Info)
* Moose Rosser (Click for More Info)
* Moses and the Ref (Click for More Info)
* Notts Alliance (Click for More Info)
* Pete Grassby (Click for More Info)
* Rhiannon & Mick Pearce (Click for More Info)
* Roger & Jo Quigley (Click for More Info)
* Scarecrow (Click for More Info)
* Scolds Bridle (Click for More Info)
* Shades of Grey (half of GU4) (Click for More Info)
* Sound Tradition (Click for More Info)
* Sue Brown & Lorraine Irwing (Click for More Info)
* Sue Simmons (Click for More Info)
* Ted Webb (Click for More Info)
* The Flaky Tarts (Click for More Info)
* The Old ‘Uns (Click for More Info)
* The Thrup’nny Bits (Click for More Info)
* Three Peace Sweet (Click for More Info)
* Tom Patterson & Dave Morton (Click for More Info)
* Tom Perry & Clive Brooks (Click for More Info)
* Tony Barrett (Click for More Info)
* Tony Portlock (Click for More Info)

Apr 09

Festival Fund Raiser at Bedworth Rugger Club – 28th April

Rugger april 2015

Mar 12

Festival Fund Raiser at Bedworth Rugger Club – 25th March


Feb 09

Festival Fund Raiser at Bedworth Rugby Club 25th February

Festival Fund Raiser at Bedworth Rugby Club 25th February

Featuring – John Kearney


Jan 09

Festival Fund Raiser at Bedworth Rugby Club 28th January

Festival Fund Raiser at Bedworth Rugby Club 28th January

featuring – Jan and Terry Wisdom

Dec 09

More Feedback from 2014

Thanks for the 2014 festival everyone. I really enjoyed myself

Home after another lovely Bedworth Folk Festival. Just time to put my feet up before a new boiler is fitted tomorrow and Wednesday! The excitement never ends.

Just wanted to say what a brilliant weekend we had at the Festival and “Thank you” for everyones hard work in organising it. I think we managed to visit all of the venues during the weekend and enjoyed everything. It was as Malc said just like one big family. We thought Antony John Clark was brilliant and a refreshing way to end the festival but this is not to under value the contribution of the other artists. Well done!

We had a lovely time on Saturday especially at the big sings. It was good to catch up with a few folks we haven’t seen for a while and, at last, I got to see Anthony John Clark live!

What a great festival yet again. Thanks Malcolm and Co.


Dec 09

Bedworth Folk Festival Raises £200 for Royal British Legion!

Our nominated charity this year is The Bedworth Branch of The Royal British Legion to whom we will be donating £200- more news here soon.

The Royal British Legion Standard

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